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Reviews are out for The Paradise Circus

Reviews are out for The Paradise Circus Reviews are out for The Paradise Circus and they are looking very good. From theatre critics to bloggers and audience members The Paradise Circus gets wonderful reviews. The Paradise Circus production photographs by Scott Rylander The Paradise Circus theatre critic reviews One of our favourite reviews is from […]

The Paradise Circus comes alive in rehearsals

The Paradise Circus comes alive in rehearsals this week at St. Stephen and St. Thomas’s Church, in Shepherd’s Bush, London W10. We spoke to cast and crew about rehearsals for The Paradise Circus… …and what being chosen to collaborate on the play means to them. We also discussed working with Anthony Biggs who is both director of […]

The Paradise Circus; misers and magic realism

Rawlings, patriarch and central character of The Paradise Circus, is known throughout town as a miserable miser. He mourns the death of his war-hero son Rainforth; whilst decrying the stupidity and general uselessness of his younger sons Gregory and Joel. It would be easy to dislike and dismiss Rawlings… …But, as the play unfolds it […]