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Devil's choice

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Devil’s Choice is a charming and witty play that tells an age-old, good versus evil story very well:

"What would you do if you could live your life over again?"

And crucially how much is a second chance worth?

"Loved the storyline"
"Very gripping from the start, plenty of atmosphere and intrigue"
"Naomi Sorkin is suitably fey and sulky as the unhappy actor looking back at life and building resentments, quite unprepared for a thunderbolt."
"My daughter (12 yrs) loved this play with all of its charm and wit; and she got the twist/double-bluff at the end. Devil's Choice is very accessible; suitable for all of the family, how fab to see senior actors deftly holding the stage." 
Various audience members.

When a retired performer (played by Naomi Sorkin) begins to regret lost chances, the Devil (played by Peter Tate) appears offering one Hell of an opportunity.

As the ultimate trade progresses the question of price becomes the deal-breaker. Unimpressed with her offer, the Devil begins to seduce the retired performer towards a far more interesting proposition. 

Naomi Sorkin and Peter Tate lead this accomplished cast with wonderful chemistry; making a familiar story fresh and entertaining.   

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Playwright: Irina Ioannesyan & Natella Boltyanskaya
Director: Alexia Mankovskaya
Cast: Naomi Sorkin, Peter Tate, Janet Cost-Chretien, Dominic Ryan, Hannah Cauchi

Recommended ages 9+

Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes with intermission
September 18th - 28th 2019
Tickets (All unreserved)

General Admission £20

Concession £15


The Playground Theatre
Latimer Rd London W10 6RQ

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