The princess & the frog

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She loved playing with her golden ball but one day she drops it in the pond.
When a very friendly and very bouncy frog offers to retrieve it in exchange for her friendship, she is far from keen.
But in the end the princess must agree to be his friend just to get her ball back. Slowly their friendship grows and the princess is rewarded in true fairytale style.

After sell out tours around the UK, Let's All Dance is delighted to present this beautiful, classical ballet to charm audiences young and old. An original score, gorgeous costumes and crystal clear story-telling draw you into the magical world of ballet and make it accessible to all. A lovely production and a heart-warming tale with the theme of friendship at its core.

‘Absolutely mesmerising and magical’ – mum, Birmingham
‘Incredibly perfect’ – 9 year old, London
"Absolutely amazing. Captivating even for under 2 years old! Perfect! Just perfect! Thank you! 5 stars." - Erika Emery-Madiro, Canterbury
"A lovely performance, my daughter (age 6) loved it! Her face when the frog hopped on was an absolute picture. A really good length for little ones. 4 stars." - Sarah Cronin, Canterbury
"Amazing performance! Dancers were beautiful! 5 stars" - Jada Simons, Canterbury
"Fantastic. Oliver sat the whole time with a big grin." - K. Adlington, Canterbury
"I thought it was beautiful, well thought out, amazing performance, all 3 of us loved it and want to see it again." - Kaylea Spring, Canterbury

We do not accept Amex.
SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES, especially 2-9 year olds, children with special needs and families
THIS PRODUCTION runs for approximately 30 minutes without an interval.

Photo opportunity after performance. 

Wednesday 16th October 2019 
11am & 1pm
Tickets (All unreserved)

Adult £12

Child £10


The Playground Theatre
Latimer Rd London W10 6RQ

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