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It’s time to reunite with us here to witness live dance again. Leading contemporary dance choreographers, Emma Farnell Watson and Joshua Smith are curating a new wave of movement artists to share an evening of dance with you, here at The Playground Theatre.

Reune will be a night of healing and recovery as Emma and Josh curate a brand new show, with many works made in response to confinement.

Emma has toured internationally with a range of contemporary companies including Jasmin Vardimon Company and Hofesh Shechter Company. She has freelanced with Michael Keegan Doolan, Shahar Binyamini, Dickson MBI, Dane Hurt, and New Movement Collective. In the commercial industry she has featured in adverts for Garnier, Vodafone, SKYN, Johnnie Walker, Fiorrucci x Adidas, events for Cartier and SWATCH, danced in film for HBO series “A Brave New World”, BBC series “Life in Squares”, BBC proms dance film “Beethoveniena”, and Disneys live action remake of “Aladdin”. She has performed in music videos for Coldplay, MK, DJ Tiesto and Underworld and performed at The Brit Awards for Dua Lipa x Calvin Harris. She has been choreographed Jamie Cullum’s music video, “Hang Your Lights” and for theatre company, Rifts, immersive production of Midsummers Night Dream.

Josh has toured internationally a range of contemporary Companies including Jasmin Vardimon, Tom Dale, James Cousins, Arthur Pita, James Wilton, Rosie Kay and Avant Garde Company and creative research with Akram Khan. Alongside this he has worked commercially including adverts for Ikea, SKYN, Oculus and Reebok, events for Hermes, in film "Everybody's talking about Jamie”, in series, “Pursuit of Love” and BBC proms dance film “Beethoveniena”. He has shot music videos for James Vickory, Paloma Faith, Jamie Cullum and performed live on X factor for Ellie Goulding.

Photograph by Jennifer McCord


Live performance
Choreographer and performer- Jack Thomson

‘Off’ was originally created and performed as a public intervention in the reception of a large office building in Niigata, Japan, in January 2020.This solo make a scenario out of the themes of hiding as a form of liberation and sharing as a system of conformity. The presence of an audience is crucial for this solo, as spectators they force the body into a state of performance, and witness as it deals with being watched. With few changes to this solo, Jack is excited and intrigued to perform ‘Off’ in a theatre environment, as a lot of the decisions in the costuming, choreography and music were intended for a different context.

“ O L I V E ”
Film cut outs to fit with live performance
Choreographer and Performer - Anna Engerstrom

A live work accompanied by film. With this film project, Anna was originally inspired by a friend’s
bar in Manhattan, which had this incredible aura and mood that really is the encyclopedia for her styling and choreography and camera relationship. She created the music last and by coincidence. For anna, it’s a story of a mood. A mood of confidence, “introvertism”, tease, empowerment and also the acknowledgement of the strength and peace that sensitivity and of simply being brings. We meet two characters with heart, assertiveness and connection, who listen to each other but still walk they’re own way, hand in hand.

Live performance
Choreographer and Performer - James Olivio

"Simple dancing, simple moving, contemplative in decision and direction, another attempt to be present today, another chance to share what i am today.”

Live Performance
Choreographer and Performer - Ann Francis Ang

‘Makaya’ is a solo-work that was created in autumn of 2020, where hope and uncertainty could
have felt like one in the same. This solo delves into the different coping mechanisms of grief, taking its time to find solace. Directed and mentored by Alleyne Dance.

“Eye to Eye”
Live Performance
Choreographers and Performers - Shanika Wallace and Tania ChiKaima

Eye To Eye introduces a world where the game meets the mind. Where life and chess become
one. Inspired from the immense beauty felt by the artistry of minds clashing over a chess board.
We view chess as more than a game, more than names, pieces, functions, winning or losing. It is the movement of structure, decision, sacrifice and compromise derived from a choice. This dance piece explores relatable life themes with chess strategy - there are infinite possibilities in
movement, perspective and how one can play chess. Eye To Eye pays particular attention to the Queens, constructing a beautifully exaggerated synopsis on the two most powerful pieces in the game. Toying with the ideology of mental wars, hierarchy, race, choice and sacrifice between the two kindred Queens jointly bounded by role and identity.

Magnus Westwell [Live Set]
with Max Cookward
Performer - Max Cookward
Live music - Magnus Westwell

An improvised conversation between movement and music.

“I am present”
Live Performance
Choreographer and Performer - Paris Crossley

How the body reacts to sensations (sensory input) whilst simultaneously (actively) acknowledging itself (in real time).

Can’t Do This Without You
Live Performance
Choreographer and performer – Seirian Griffiths
Music - Seirian Griffiths

A solo movement response to an originally composed track

Master of None
Live Performance
Choreographer and Performer - Celine Fortenbacher

We often tend to define ourselves over what we produce, and how we present ourselves to the
outside world. We’re also surrounded by information and screens to other people’s lives 24/7,
forcing us to compare, subconsciously cater to a version others have of ourselves and forget to just exist altogether. What if we catered to our own version, the one that isn’t performed? This
improvised solo reflects on this question.


Film work
Performer and Choreographer - Jonathan Luke Baker

The piece is about reincarnation and illusion, it's about the process of when as queer people we
make fake realities to either protect ourselves, or even destroy ourselves. The work is about the
moment this fake reality comes crashing down and the fantasy is broken. What is left? Is that

Film Work
Performers and Choreographers - FUBUNATION

FUBUNATION open a dialogue surrounding the myth of masculinity as it is felt within the PanAfrican diaspora. They are deconstructing the power struggle within themselves and finding the balance between conflict, vulnerability, and codependency. By doing so, they own and repair their deeper anxieties that they have learned so well to mask. Ruins' is an interdisciplinary project displayed through live performance, film and photography. This work is a testimony of the generational trauma inherited by men from marginalised groups with the mission of creating a space where the black male figure is more visible and honestly represented in its full complexity.

“Boys Don’t Cry”
Film Work
Directed and Written - John Ross
Music - Jonny Colgan
Video editor - Alice Underwood

Participants - Grant Keelan, Jordan Ajadi, Staurt Waters, David Lyyod, Jean Abreu, Jorge Cresis, Thomas Hands, Nathan goodman, Durassie Amadu, Joshua Phara, Aaron Vickers, Jude Monk Mcgowan, Lewis Cooke, Uros Petronijevic, Anthony Hume, Miguel Hernando Torres, Phil Hulford, Andrew McCabe When you scream so loudly but no one can hear you. This film was made in conversation with the participants, gathering words made to shape us. Growing up as a boy I was told only girls cry... They lied.

Film Work
Choreographers and Performers - Emma Farnell-Watson and Joshua Smith
Director - Jaka Skapin
DOP - Pavel Raduu

A delicate short dedicated to isolation, the struggle we all have had against time, mental health,
anxiety and love. This period of lockdown has held a mirror up in front of each one of us and made us question the fabric of whats around. The sturdiness of our support structure has been tested. The comfort we have sitting with ourselves naked, without occupation or glamour to frame our identities. A story of love and time, mental adversity and intimacy.

“What Lies Beyond: A Moving Experience”
Film Work
Creators - Eleonora Rambsy Herrera and Steve Dilworth

An intergenerational creative collaboration that explores the experience of bereavement and
grieving through dance movement. A daughter who lost her father - and a father who lost his two sons - they each seek to connect with, and express, their loss through the wisdom of the body, when words are simply not enough to say what needs to be heard and seen.
An arts-based research project captured by Mohdo film productions, and winner of Eurasia film
festival (short documentary) in 2020.

Film Work
Choreographer and Performer - Celine Fortenbacher

Putzi Kamionka is a movement devised tragicomedy which explores the human nature
through the wonderfully naive and awkwardly graceful creature that is Putzi. Putzi is from
some otherworldly place and finds herself on earth where she is driven by her obsession
to find beautiful objects, which places her in unexpected situations. The short film was a
trailer for the 20-minute solo show which Celine wrote, performed and directed as part of
the Resolution festival back in 2019 at The Place Theatre.

We do not accept Amex.
Emma Farnell-Watson
Joshua Smith


Jack Thomson is a dance artist, who practises performance, photography and film. As a performer Jack has dance work by choreographers Shobana Jeyasingh, Izik Galli, Alexander Whitley, Ohad Narhin, Caroline Finn, Mark Baldwin, Kate Flatt, Anthony Middleton, Willi Dorner and REDHA to name a few. In his work within dance-media, Jack has had several exhibitions and In 2017 was commissioned by Random Acts (Channel 4) to direct and choreograph, Business is Brutal, which has gone on to be screened in over 50 film festivals across the globe and has won 'Best Interpretation’ at the InShadow Film Festival (2018), Best Art/Artist Led film at the New Renaissance Film Festival (2018) and highly commended in Showstudio Fashion Film Awards in partnership with Harrods (2019). Most recently, Jack created the short film ‘We Are Ready Now’ , which was premiered and broadcast on BBC4 in May 2020 and has since been screened in 18 festivals globally.
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jackthomsonuk/

Anna Engerström comes from a small town in the north of Sweden. Her childhood and its
surroundings is mostly what inspires her work at its core and is where she always returns to
recharge. Anna is a dancer who has some experience of choreographing, modelling, singing and making music. She’s worked for names like Valentino, Dior, Gareth Pugh, Elton John, Dua Lipa, Florence and the Machines, Miista, DAZED, Vogue and Gabriella Hearst and held workshop for Hofesh Shechter Dance Company to share and show her ideas and style after he saw her freestyle in a park. Commercially she has choreographed for Nile Rodgers, Craig David, Richard Malone, Dr Martens and Bring Me The Horizon and Yung Blud to name a few.
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/annaengerstrom/

James Olivio has worked with a variety of dance, theatre and film for choreographers & directors such as Jasmin Vardimon, Akram Khan, Gracefool Collective, Hannes Langolf, Joan Clevillé, James Cousins, Jess & Morgs Films, Alleyne Dance, Antler Theatre, Company Nil, Frauke Requardt/ David Rosenberg & Jason Mabana. He has danced in music videos & shoots for Ikea, Lauren Auder, Beyonce, Mykki Blanco. Having performed throughout the UK, France & Belgium. "
Instagram - https://instagram.com/jameywamey?utm_medium=copy_link

Ann Francis is a Berlin-based performer and arts administrator from San Francisco, where she
trained with the San Francisco Dance Commons (ODC)'s youth company.
Ann Francis received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at Adelphi University under the direction of Frank Augustyn and Orion Duckstein, graduating with honours and a recipient of the Ruth St. Denis Prize. In 2021 Ann Francis graduated with her Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance at the London Contemporary Dance School, where she was a member of the postgraduate company Edge Dance Company. During her time with Edge she worked with Alleyne Dance, Riccardo
Buscarini and Igor x Moreno.
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/annfrancisang/

Wallace - "I tend to submerse myself into directing and choreographing relatable projects by paying particular attention to narratives of heroic people. I use history and life as a source of inspirational guidelines to create films that attempts to depict abstract concepts/topics visually. Exploring areas that either need addressing or are liberating gives me the fuel and the desire to continue to create. To expand on what the soul can deliver and explore through movement. I long for my projects to be used as a memorandum of understanding on individuality, strength and unity:.

Magnus Westwell is a Scottish Choreographer and Composer based in London. They work at the intersection of dance, music and visual art, with their work performed across the UK and Europe in theatre, club, gallery and festival contexts. Magnus’ creations can be raw, romantic and haunting, often looking at the extremes of ecstasy and emptiness, as well as their experience of being queer and neurodiverse. Their work as a musician involves composing scores for dance works, working as a session musician, and creating live sets and mixes for movement workshops in London. Previous choreographic projects include collaborations with Marcelino Sambé and Machine Woman, commissions for Amsterdam Dance Event, and placements on MTV and BBC4. Magnus is currently a Young Associate Artist at Sadler's Wells.
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/magnuswestwell/

Paris Crossley is a movement artist specialising in Popping and is also a member of Fiya House crew. She is primarily based in performance but also endeavours choreographic direction and production. Her work is thought provoking and often created with contextual emphasis on current world happenings and personal lived experiences. Her versatility allows her to shift between artistic realms of theatre, commercial and site specific work; she enjoys variety and champions contrasting perspective. She recently finished a project in Berlin called Opferschict and is now touring a site specific production around Scotland called CityBreakz.

Celine Fortenbacher is a German-Polish and London-based multidisciplinary artist focusing on both live and digital creation and filmmaking through movement and the body, drawing on
experimental and contemporary dance, photography and videography.
As a dancer, she has performed in various music videos (Diplo, Jungle, La Roux, Public
Service Broadcasting, You Me At Six), commercials (Sky Idents, Vodafone UK) or on stage
(The Place theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, Brit Awards). Her main disciplines are
Contemporary, and physical theatre and she’s been a part of the London ballroom scene
for the past 6 years since moving to London from Hamburg, Germany in 2015.
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/celineceleesi

Film Work

Jonathon Luke Baker is a multi-disciplinarily artist working in movement and image creation. The work he creates is inherently influenced by his queer identity and his gender expression in a profession that constantly promotes binary genders. Baker's work is inspired by different dance styles but his main desire is to express a feeling or mood whether that be through technical choreography or raw movement. Baker have created movement for the likes of Gareth Pugh, Boy George, Ellesse, ASOS, Puma, SHOWstudio and Level Arts Centre.
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jonathonlukeb/

FUBUNATION is an organisation rooted in movement directed by choreographers Rhys Dennis, Waddah Sinada and creative producer Steph Be. Their aim is to encourage diversity in dance, theatre and performance audiences by sharing openly and authentically their own rich experiences as black men in dance. Having predominantly worked in film and live performance, the organisation embraces collaborations across all art forms in order for the work to be accessible to a wider audience. FUBUNATION are recipients of The London Borough of Culture Fund Award 2020, Conny Janssen Danst Award (2019), lecturers and artists in residence at Irie Dance Theatre (2020-2022). Their work has been performed at Theatre Rotterdam, Pocket Dance Festival (Greece), Shoreditch Town Hall, V&A Lates (2019 & 2020), Roundhouse and Velorose gallery.
Instagram - https://instagram.com/fubunation

John Ross initially started his training as an actor before switching to train as a professional dancer, first at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, then on to finish his training at The London Contemporary Dance School, graduating in 2011 with a 1stClass Hons Degree.
Since then he has worked for numerous artists as a performer, some being; Tom Dale Company, Jasmin Vardimon, Gecko Theatre, Punchdrunk’s ‘Sleep No More’ and DV8's remake of Enter Achilles. Since graduating John has also went on to win numerous choreography awards such as The Matthew Bourne Choreographer Award 13, Moko & Sadlers Wells Children’s Choreography Award and was named BBC’s 32 one’s to watch of 2015.John now combines his love for theatre and dance and works as a movement director in theatre/tv/film and has also started working on Large Scale Opera Productions Internationally.
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/johnrossdance/

Eleonora is a yoga and meditation teacher with a dance degree from London Contemporary Dance School. She is currently finalising her PhD at the Institute of Education at UCL, while pursuing an MSc in Psychological Sciences at Brunel University London.
Steve is a facilitator offering his service to people who work with people. The main focus of his
work is reflective practice, often referred to as clinical or professional supervision. He works in
diverse environments, e.g. custodial settings and end of life care. We would like to thank our team of film makers Lukasz Dryzalowski, Lukasz Sobolewski, Krzysztof Wrobel Zasadniczo and Sam Storey for their generosity, expertise and insights.
Instagram - https://instagram.com/fubunation

Celine is a German-Polish and London-based multidisciplinary artist focusing on both live
and digital creation and filmmaking through movement and the body, drawing on
experimental and contemporary dance, photography and videography.
As a dancer, she has performed in various music videos (Diplo, Jungle, La Roux, Public
Service Broadcasting, You Me At Six), commercials (Sky Idents, Vodafone UK) or on stage
(The Place theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, Brit Awards). Her main disciplines are
Contemporary, and physical theatre and she’s been a part of the London ballroom scene
for the past 6 years since moving to London from Hamburg, Germany in 2015.
In addition, Celine works as a freelance photographer and has had her photography work -
often featuring other creatives in her environment - published in magazines (Kaltblut, Indie,
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/celineceleesi/

Joshua Harriette

A performing artist, working with light and movement. As a dancer, Joshua has worked with companies; Michael Clark, Sir Richard Alston, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Ballet Black, Jose Agudo, and Adam Linder. As a lighting designer, Joshua has collaborated with Mark Baldwin OBE, Jose Agudo, Sonny Nwachukwu, Julie Cunningham, Kerry Nichols, Jona Dance, Richard Chappell, and Mthuthuzeli November. As well as being commissioned by Queer dance platform ‘Mind Ur Head’ and Warrington Public Art. Along side company work, they have also modelled for Diesel, Gucci, Asos, Golden Goose,
Alexander McQueen, DQquared, Puma, BBC Arts, as well as being featured in various fashion
Instagram - https://instagram.com/joshieharriette?utm_medium=copy_lin

Recommended for ages 11 +
Running time approximately 2 hours with interval
7th August
Tickets (All unreserved)

General Admission £10

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