Murmuration runs from 3rd May 2018 - 19th May 2018

The exhibition will be open from 10am - 6pm Monday to Sunday. 

This is a free exhibition. 


by Josie Spencer
‘In a murmuration there is no central control. It is the mechanics of emergency’.
‘Josie [Spencer is] masterful in capturing the living spirit in the metal’. – New York Times 2013
Sculptor Josie Spencer is delighted to announce her new solo exhibition ‘Murmuration,’ which will be staged at The Playground Theatre on Latimer Road, London. The works are 9 life-sized bronzes. They will be suspended at different levels within the space.
Spencer started five years ago making a collection of figures who were in various states between falling and flying. While working on them, the artist began to think of them as a murmuration. On reading the zoological definition of the word, she learned that in a murmuration there’s no central communication. Each creature is acting for its own safety out of fear of a perceived threat. These beautifully swirling configurations are the mechanics of emergency.
Listenpony, a composer-led concert series and record label, has commissioned six new works from composers across the UK to be performed at a special concert in Josie Spencer's exhibition on the 9th of May.

The concert will feature performances by pianist George Fu and baroque ensemble La Vaghezza, including music by Castello, Fontana, Liszt, Beethoven alongside the new works. 


The Playground Theatre
Latimer Rd London W10 6RQ

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