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Coversations over toys

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Conversations Over Toys
Friday 9th October 2002 6.00pm

Written and Directed by   Tim McArthur

David Breeds (Dear Evan Hanson)
Vicky Odgen (Coronation Street)
Gary Mackay ( Let the Right One in)
Charlie Woods (Pricked)

Conversations Over Toys takes place in Jane’s Toy Shop in Archway, London around the corner from The Whittington Hospital. The Toy shop is not your normal commercial toy shop. It’s “A magical cave of toy wonders” for the children and the adults. Full of toys of all genres, new, old, collectables.

On the shelfs for example are bags of Lego, Sylvian Families, Thomas The Tank Engine, Small dolls in sweet jars, action figures and books. Alex a very warm loving 35-year-old woman manages the shop five days a week. She is loyal to her regulars and very friendly to new visitors. As the story proceeds we meet Bev who is visiting London to see her grandchildren, Binny who is a 20 year old autistic lad who is obsessed with Smurf’s. Then we meet Mister Mike the guy in his pyjamas and Sam’s world is about to be thrown a curveball.

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Suitable for age 12+

9th October 2020 6.00pm


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