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Written by  Leo Tosltoy 
Adapted for stage and directed by Emma Lucia Hands
Anna Karenina in a new commissioned adaptation for DSL takes place in the dramatic world of 19th Century Russia, fuelled by scandalous love affairs which break the rules of society. 
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Like a whirling mazurka, danced in a sumptuous Czarist ballroom, Emma Lucia Hands' adaptation of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina spins us through the ups and downs of this heady romance.

Set amidst the decadence and social hypocrisies of 19th century Russian high society, the production explores the devastating pressures on a young woman who discovers an intense intimacy with the handsome Count Vronsky. 

It’s a love that she cannot live without.

It’s a love that society views with total disapproval.

What choice can Anna make?

At the same time, Konstantin Levin, rejected in love by Kitty, retreats from the brittle constraints of St Petersburg society to his country estate where the seasons dictate and a man may connect with the earth by feeling the soil under his fingernails.

Societal control and industrial progress are as relentless, and ruthless, as the screeching approach of a steam locomotive. 
Performed by graduating actors from 1 Year Diploma in Professional Acting 
Manon Cattelain - 7719-8941-4635

Serena Di Mauro - 0453-5612-3435

Clara Drzewuski - 5091-8943-4526

Shir Flus - 7656-8943-2342

Emily Friesen - 0216-1271-9899

Truman Gaudoin - 0698-7838-8620

Raelene Goody - 1418-7834-8749

Sam Hocking - 1016-0164-7979

Henry Leigh Hunt - 8014-6729-7522

Fionn Lynch - 1015-9051-2408

Mike Seaman - 5216-7838-6665

Charlie Sheepshanks - 2057-7831-6949

Athena Zacharia - 9314-0162-5571
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14-16 July 2022 | 7.30pm
16 July | 3pm
Tickets (All unreserved)

General Admission Free
Running time 90min
Recommended for all ages

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