This show is for 14+ 

General Admission £18

Concession £15



…An actor abandons his country’s great national theatre and takes a journey as traveling actor …more than three years he travels around the world performing more than seven hundred theatricals …one day he doesn’t arrive at the antique city where he planned to go but at a war mine zone …he wanted to get back but quickly the path closes up …He remains isolated in the middle of the mines zone with his small box which is his stage but also a hostel, kitchen, wardrobe …that day it happened to be his birthday…He celebrates right at ‘’the mines zone’’ offering to the ‘’death zone’’ parts from Shakespeare, Molier, Cehov and at the end his life monologue played by him …
”The cold Zone” continues threats to the artist by grabbing and throwing in the air parts of his only ‘’partner’’, Juliet…He gets touched for his doll, his only partner…he swears never to play that theatrical part again…accuses the “Death Valley” on the consequences made to the mankind…
…He abandoned the Great Stage of the National Theatre to continue his play at his smallest stage in the world as he used to call his ‘’Box”...He abandons the performances under the big reflectors to continue his small stage under the sun and moon light…He becomes a rebel of the stage inflating as He is an Artist and he doesn’t want to become a Star … Stars can bear a lot, as they really want to become Stars whereas an Artist at the end remains only an Artist …disappointed, at the end he takes few moments for his family, colleagues, theatre technicians that he remembers and also his country for which he sings the song “ O my country” …He blames his relatives for not having time for him, accompanying his artistic travel around the world, or even surprising him at one of his performances at least for one time …
“You people never liked your artists as much as they love you! All you can do is admiration”-he talks to the people
…The Artist remains in his small stage waiting that someone from his people would open the path at the „Death Valley“ in order that he accomplishes his mission …
…The Actor waited for days… He is still waiting…His soul wanders all around the mine zones saving people…He was born in this world to be sacrifices... maybe…to never die…!


13th and 14th September 2018


The Playground Theatre
Latimer Rd London W10 6RQ

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