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The Association “Quelli di… Via Filadelfia APS” presents:

39 Stories:
Lost Lives at Heysel 

Monologues Remembrance Heysel Stadium Tragedy
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Written, dramatized and played by Omar Rottoli.
Translation by Black and White London Supporters
English version played by Federica Campagnola

"39 STORIES: LOST LIVES AT HEYSEL" is the story of simple lives, swept away without any reason for a football match: Juventus-Liverpool on the 29th of May 1985.

From that day they became "39 Angels Always Present", because in contrast to the violence hooligans erased from history, "No one dies as long as he lives in the heart of those who remain".

"39 STORIES: LOST LIVES AT HEYSEL" was born from the need to tell the story of the people, to make them alive, present, where they are often only considered numbers, victims, bodies.

"39 STORIES: LOST LIVES AT HEYSEL" wants to give back a face, a story, a family to the victims of hooliganism, on the bloody night of Heysel, reassemble those bodies dismembered and rebuild their essence as human beings, fathers, sons, brothers, sisters.

"39 STORIES: LOST LIVES AT HEYSEL" through the simple human word, transforms the dead of Heysel into human lives, the victims of violence in the fruit of that love that surrounded them in life and did not abandon them after death.

"I want to tell life in a context of death. I want to give a voice to the innocent victims. I want to show that violence cannot win if those who die continue to live in the heart of those who remain"

(OMAR ROTTOLI, Author and Actor)
The Association “Quelli di… Via Filadelfia APS”, born in Turin (Italy) in 2015, is a non-profit organization and aims to preserve the history and memory of Juventus supporters.

It aims to maintain relations with all those institutions and associations that have similar objectives, organizes conferences, exhibitions and meetings to address issues related to football, to sociological and folkloristic aspects of the world of football fans and to conduct awareness-raising campaigns on the subject for the public, as well as political and sports institutions.

With regards to the topic of this event, the Association has organised over the years events to preserve the Memory of the victims of the Heysel tragedy, with the patronage of the Municipality of Turin, Piedmont Region and European Parliament.

The Association also pursues projects of social solidarity, through the creation of events of various kind.

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Running time 60 mins, no interval
Recommended for all ages 
14 May | 3pm
Tickets (All unreserved)

General Admission £15
Early Bird £10 (ends 1/05/222)

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