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Why writers and artists struggled in The Jazz Age

We explore why writers and artists were ignored in The Jazz Age in an interview with Robert Boulter cast as F. Scott Fitzgerald. What have you been doing so far this year? Early this year (2019) I finished a play called The Inheritance, which is just about to open on Broadway. I also did a […]

My Brothers Keeper? the play; by Nigel Williams

My Brothers Keeper? the play; by Nigel Williams My Brother’s Keeper? the play by Nigel Williams returns to the London stage after 34 years.  Directed by Craig Gilbert My Brother’s Keeper? tells the story of feuding brothers, family strife and living with stroke. Guest blogging for The Playground Theatre Craig Gilbert explains why My Brother’s […]

Dream of a King; Chris Tajah on Martin Luther King Jnr inspiration

In this blog interview writer and actor Chris Tajah talks about Martin Luther King Jnr inspiration for Dream of a King. Why did you write Dream of a King?   Martin Luther King Jnr is an icon. He is a personal hero of mine, as he is for many. He inspires me to do better, to […]

Dictating to the Estate; exploring circumstances that led to the Grenfell fire

A blog about Dictating to the Estate – written by playwright and author Nathaniel McBride Dictating to the Estate explores the circumstances that led to the Grenfell fire. This blog is written by Nathaniel McBride the author of Dictating to the Estate. If you have an interest in: investigative journalism; the creative process for theatre; […]

The Paradise Circus comes alive in rehearsals

The Paradise Circus comes alive in rehearsals this week at St. Stephen and St. Thomas’s Church, in Shepherd’s Bush, London W10. We spoke to cast and crew about rehearsals for The Paradise Circus… …and what being chosen to collaborate on the play means to them. We also discussed working with Anthony Biggs who is both director of […]