Welcome to
The Playground Theatre

Hello and Welcome To the Playground Theatre
It won’t have escaped your notice that London is currently in Lockdown, which means that The Playground, along with every other theatre, museum, gallery, music venue etc is closed. Although there is no set date for us to reopen, we remain obstinately hopeful that we will be seeing you all very soon.

But just because we can’t have live performances at the theatre doesn’t mean that we have been idle. Since the first Lockdown began in Spring 2020, we have been finding ways to develop new work and engage with our local community. We have partnered with companies that have been making streamed shows, and we have supported artists as they try out all kinds of exciting new ideas, some which will continue to be developed and then performed at The Playground. In these tough times we know that many of you have felt lonely and isolated, and you’ve told us how important it is for you to be able to participate in the arts, so we have moved our entire outreach programme onto Zoom. Hundreds of you have taken part in online play-reading sessions, writing programmes and performances and it fills our hearts with joy that, despite huge obstacles, we can find ways to share theatre together.

One day, hopefully very soon, we will be sharing live theatre together with you in the same room. Until then, stay safe and well.

Much love from The Playground Team.
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