‘enlightening and enjoyably foul-mouthed’
Michael Billington, The Guardian
‘offers a chilling reminder of the horrors of social cleansing and gains an extra potency from being seen at a new west London theatre close to Grenfell Tower.’
Michael Billington, The Guardian
‘Anthony Biggs’s whirlwind production’
Michael Billington, The Guardian
‘dynamically performed by Jessica Martin’
Michael Billington, The Guardian
‘West London’s small Playground theatre is looking straight out at the world around it’
Susannah Clapp, The Observer
‘Gregory Evans’ sharp play’
Susannah Clapp, The Observer
‘nimble multitasking by Jack Klaff’
Susannah Clapp, The Observer
‘Gregory Evans’ Shirleymander is an entertaining satire on 1980s local politics with a dark contemporary resonance’
Neil Dowden, The Stage
‘Anthony Biggs directs with a light touch’
Neil Dowden, The Stage
‘Jessica Martin is terrific as the flamboyantly arrogant and unrepentant Porter’
Neil Dowden, The Stage
‘Jack Klaff’s hilariously foul-mouthed right-wing deputy’
Neil Dowden, The Stage
‘Shirleymander’s depiction of socially divisive housing policies rings an alarming bell’
Neil Dowden, The Stage
‘Jessica Martin plays Porter with a lot of gusto and she’s ably supported by fellow cast members, especially Jack Klaff and Amanda Waggott’
Kaleem Aftab, The Independent
‘undeniably entertaining and has a fun soundtrack featuring Soft Cell and The Clash’
Kaleem Aftab, The Independent
‘A memorable encounter with a dubious force of nature’
Ben Lawrence, Daily Telegraph
Gregory Evans’s fascinating play’
Ben Lawrence, Daily Telegraph
‘looks likely to put west London’s splendid newish fringe theatre, The Playground, on the map’
Ben Lawrence, Daily Telegraph
‘Anthony Biggs’s production sets the political sleaze to a deliciously retro soundtrack'
Ben Lawrence, Daily Telegraph
‘Gregor Donnelly’s neon-lit set which lies somewhere between a Rubik’s Cube and the Blankety Blank studio’
Ben Lawrence, Daily Telegraph
‘Evans has clearly done his research, and the internecine politics (with a lower case p) is well caught’
Ben Lawrence, Daily Telegraph
‘in highlighting a shocking moment in London’s not-so-distant history, it feels very necessary’
Ben Lawrence, Daily Telegraph

About Us

The Playground Theatre is renowned as a breeding ground for the imagination of theatre artists of all disciplines. A place where artists can test their limitations in an environment of challenge and support. We will continue to work with both established and emerging artists from the UK and Internationally. The ethos is one of cross-fertilization between different forms and different cultures in search of a universal language that speaks to all.

How to Get Here

The Playground Theatre is a 12 minute walk from Latimer Road Station.
'This theatre will certainly be an exciting one to watch.'
'A handsome theatre'
'One looks forward to new surprises from the Playground Theatre.'
'The feeling that you give the artist is of total friendship and understanding. The Playground is unique in that'
– Marcello Magni –
'The Playground Theatre is a brilliant creative space in West London. I’m very excited about its future'
– Damon Albarn –
'The Playground Theatre is the sort of place where I would like to go and play all day, the space radiates an excitement of fresh possibilities'
– Celia Imrie –
Something remarkable is happening at the Playground Theatre.
- Julian Eaves - ✭✭✭✭✭ Soldier On review -


"Rosey Chan is one of the world's most eclectic pianists." BBC World Service "You ARE avant-garde" David Lynch "When I listen to Rosey Chan, she makes my soul smile" Quincy Jones We are very happy to welcome Rosey Chan, pianist and composer, who will perform new, original material composed by her, set against a multi-media installation created with celebrated film director, Mike Figgis. During this solo appearance, "Rosey Chan Live in Concert", Chan will play contemporary classical, electronica, jazz and spoken word material, demonstrating her unconventional mastery of diverse musical styles and traditions.
"We are incredibly proud to be The Playground Theatres sole outreach partner. We are developing a number of programs in partnership with the theatre and look forward to delivering ongoing support to children, both affected by Grenfell and in the wider community, who are experiencing trauma and bereavement.”
Jake Walker, Grief Encounter



The Playground Theatre
Latimer Rd London W10 6RQ

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