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  • 28th October

Have you ever been ‘gaslighted’? Lost confidence in your convictions? Referred to as ‘crazy’ or ‘hysterical’? A chilling revamp of Patrick Hamilton’s iconic Gaslight comes to the Playground Theatre this autumn.

Bella hears footsteps from the attic and objects disappear from beneath her eyes: she thinks she is losing her mind and her husband, Jack, agrees. It isn’t until an outsider arrives that she shifts the accusations away from herself. Bella fights for control but can she discern what is real and what is false?

Gaslight challenges our views on emotional abuse and manipulation; the ease at which we can lose ourselves and our sanity. Today, Gaslight is more relevant than ever as the measure of acceptable behaviour, awareness and understanding of the psychological effects of abuse are hotly debated. Politicians exploit our views on Twitter, Love Island producers push emotional boundaries and the ridiculous rules of dating drive us mad. We face ‘gaslighters’ from all corners of society - but can we always spot them?

This production brings immediacy and modernity to Hamilton’s Victorian script: providing a fresh and feminist perspective as proof that we are in the midst of cultural change.
We do not accept Amex.
Jemima Murphy as Mrs Manningham
Jordan Wallace as Mr Manningham
Grace Howard as Nancy
Joe Mcardle as Rough
Rebecca Ashley as Elizabeth

Directed by Imy Wyatt Corner
Produced by First Floor Presents and Katie Berglof
Associate Director Grainne Dromgoole 
Set Design Kate Halstead 
Lighting Design Gregory Jordan 
Sound Design Herbert homer Warbeck
Graphic Design Willow Murphy 
Please join us for a post-performance panel discussion on October 28th on 'gaslighting' and what it means today.

‘Gaslight in Conversation: sensitivity, integrity and artistic responsibility’

Gaslight is a play about a woman's struggles with sanity triggered by her emotionally abusive husband. We believe the play - and the verb it spawned, remain alarmingly relevant to popular culture- and even politics.

As an all female creative team, we hope to reclaim this Victorian thriller as an important contemporary warning about the risks of abuse within romantic relationships.

Our expert panel will examine the word ‘gaslight’ and its use today, looking at the play as its origin. The discussion will also address the artist's role in tackling the difficult issues of mental health, abuse and the general manipulation of our perception of reality.

There will be mental health professionals and a representative from domestic abuse charity alongside creative industry professionals. Panelists to be announced soon.

9:30pm‬ after show finish on the 28th October‬.
Recommended for ages 12+
THIS PRODUCTION runs for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes with an interval.

Monday 21st October - 10th November 2019

Press Night
Thursday 24th October 2019

28th October 2019 includes a panel discussion after the performance.
Tickets (All unreserved)

General Admission £20

Concession (Student, unemployed, over 60, Under 26)

10 for £10 
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The Playground Theatre
Latimer Rd London W10 6RQ

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