Soldier On

by Jonathan Lewis
13th March 2018 - 31st March 2018

About us

The Playground Theatre is renowned as a breeding ground for the imagination of theatre artists of all disciplines. A place where artists can test their limitations in an environment of challenge and support. We will continue to work with both established and emerging artists from the UK and Internationally. The ethos is one of cross-fertilization between different forms and different cultures in search of a universal language that speaks to all.

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Over numerous years The Playground has developed projects that have been seen in many prestigious theatres both here and abroad.This was all created behind closed doors but now we are opening those doors to show you the exciting program that we are developing.

Our Supporters

Many individuals and organisations have supported us and given contributions towards creating the infrastructure of the theatre and we would like to thank them here. Once this is complete we will need ongoing support for our artistic program.


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